The Greenbriar Neighborhood Council


Modified January 24, 2012


The name of this neighborhood council shall be known as the “Greenbriar Neighborhood Council”.


The geographic boundaries of the Greenbriar Neighborhood Council shall include; Kipling Drive, Kipling Court, Maison Way, Garrison Road, Skyview Place and Amend Road, from the junction of Castro Ranch Road to the intersection of Devils Drop and Fascination Circle.


The purpose of the council shall be to serve the people in the neighborhood and community in a fair, impartial way without regard to race, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation or disability.  We will:

     A.  Help residents determine the important needs and problems of the neighborhood and community by providing a place where ideas and information can be exchanged, problems studied, and actions planned.

     B.  Promote a spirit of neighborliness, mutual respect, and good will among all the residents of the neighborhood.

     C  Provide citizens with an understanding of the whole community and develop a willingness to participate as leaders or to share responsibilities.

     D.  Provide the mechanism through which people of the area can speak out on its behalf and be heard beyond its boundaries in calling attention to neighborhood problems.

ARTICLE IV – Membership

Section 1.
Membership shall be open to all residents who have reached the age of 18 and non-residents who own property in the area.  Each adult resident of the household is eligible for one vote upon payment of household dues.  Household dues are $10 annually.

Section 2.
An application for membership shall consist of a form giving name, address, telephone number and name of organization represented.  The signing of the form shall constitute acceptance of the stated purpose of the Council. 

ARTICLE V – Executive Board

Section 1Executive Board
The Executive Board shall consist of the officers of this Council and chairperson of each Standing Committee, if any.  The immediate past president shall be a member for one year.

Section 2Term of Office
Each Board Member shall serve for a term of two years or until a successor has been elected and qualified.  No Board Member may serve more than three consecutive terms in the same capacity. 

Section 3Qualifications
No person shall be elected as an officer or member of the Board of the Council unless he/she is a voting member of the council.

Section 4Vacancies
Any vacancy occurring on the Board by reason of resignation, death, or disqualification of any officer or elected member may be filled by a majority vote of the remaining members of the Board.  Vacancy replacements will serve until the next annual meeting.  Four consecutive absences from regular Board Meetings shall be deemed a resignation, unless excused by the Board.

Section 5Powers and Duties
The executive Board shall have full charge of the property and business of the Council, with full power and authority to manage and conduct same, subject to the instructions of the general membership.  It shall plan and direct the work necessary to carry out the purposes of the Council.  The Board shall require regular reports from any committees appointed.

ARTICLE VI – Officers and Committees

Section 1Officers 
The officers of the organization shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and may include Parliamentarian and Sergeant-at-Arms.  The officers shall be elected for a two (2) year term, or until their successors are elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting.

Section 2Duties of the Officers
     A.  President
The President shall preside at all Executive Board and Membership Meetings; appoint committees with approval of the Executive Board, and call special meetings of the membership and Executive Board as required.

     B.  Vice President of Administration
The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President in the event of absence, resignation or inability to perform his/her duties.  The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the Parliamentarian and Sergeant-at-Arms until those offices are filled.

     C.  Vice President of Communication
The Vice President of Communication is responsible for communication to neighborhood residents and to maintain the directory.

     D.  Secretary
The Secretary shall keep minutes of all membership and Executive Board meetings and have custody of the records and minutes of the organization; shall give notice of all meetings of the membership and Executive Board; and perform duties appointed by the Executive Board.  The Secretary shall maintain the official correspondence of the organization.

          A.  Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall have the responsibility for the custody of all the funds of the organization, and shall expend same upon the direction of the Executive Board.  The Treasurer shall maintain financial records and shall prepare an annual report for the membership at the Annual Meeting.

          B.  Sergeant-At-Arms.  The Sergeant-At-Arms, under the direction of the presiding officer, shall maintain order and decorum among the members and all persons present at a meeting, and may even expel persons form the meeting.

          C.  Each officer may assist another officer in their duties.

Section 3.  Creation and Termination of Committees
Either the Executive Board or the General Membership may create or terminate any committee.  A newly created committee must be specified as either a standing committee or an Ad Hoc Committee when formed.

Section 4.  Instructions to Committees
The Executive Board may provide written instructions to each committee chairperson within three weeks after appointment.  Instruction shall define the committee’s area of responsibility and outline all specific programs to be carried out.  The committee may amend its instructions by submitting a written amendment to the Executive Board for approval.  The Secretary shall have all committee instructions available for each general meeting.

ARTICLE VII – Nominations and Elections

Section 1.  Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee shall be established at the October meeting.  The Nominating Committee shall consist of:

     A.  A Chairperson appointed by the President.
     B.  A member elected from the floor.
     C.  A member of the Executive Board.

The nominees shall be selected and the election shall take place at the Annual Meeting which is usually held in January.  

Section 2.
Report of the Nominating Committee and Nominations from the Floor.  The report of the nominating Committee of its nominations for officers shall be presented at the Annual Meeting immediately following the presentation of this report, nominations may be made from the floor by any voting member provided the consent of the nominee shall have been secured.

Section 3.  Elections
A slate will be presented at the annual meeting for approval.  If there is more than one nominee for any position there will be a secret ballot.  A majority vote shall constitute an election.  Proxy voting is not permitted.

ARTICLE VIII – Meetings and Quorums

Section 1.  Executive Board Meetings

     A.  There shall be a minimum of four (4) meetings per year of the Executive Board.

Section 2.  General Meetings

     A.  There shall be a minimum of seven (7) days notice given for any general meeting.
     B. General meetings will be called as needed, upon request of the membership, or as determined by the President.
     C.  A quorum of members at meetings shall consist of 5% of the membership or at least 10 members including two (2) elected officers.

Section 3.  Annual Meeting

     A.  The Annual Meeting shall be held in January.  The membership shall receive thirty (30) days notice of the Annual Meeting Date.
     B.  The main order of business of the Annual Meeting shall be;
          1.  Election of Officers
          2.  Reports of the activities of the past year.
          3.  Transaction of other business as may properly arise

     C.  A quorum of members at meetings shall consist of 5% of the membership or at least 10 members including two (2) elected officers.

ARTICLE IX – Financial Administration

Section 1.  Fiscal Year
The fiscal year of the Greenbriar Neighborhood Council shall commence on January 1st.

Section 2.  Dues
Dues shall be paid annually.  The cost shall be ten ($10) dollars per household.

Section 3.  Financial Reports
The treasurer shall maintain financial records and prepare an annual financial report.

ARTICLE X – Acceptance of By-Laws

These By-Laws shall be effective upon acceptance by 2/3 of the members present of the Annual Meeting.

ARTICLE XI – Amendments

These By-Laws may be amended by 2/3 of the members present at the Annual Meeting.

ARTICLE XII – Richmond Neighborhood Coordinating Council

Greenbriar Neighborhood Council will remain in good standing with the Richmond Neighborhood Coordinating Council. Annual dues are to be paid and council representation for a minimum of eight (8) meetings.