About Us

Greenbriar Neighborhood Council is one of 40 neighborhood councils throughout the City of Richmond. 

On the second Monday of every month, representatives from each neighborhood council meet with City of Richmond officials under the auspices of the Richmond Neighborhood Coordinating Council.

Reports are given from various city agencies such as:

          Mayor's Office
          City Manager
          Police Department
          Public Works
          Code Enforcement
          Environmental Manager
          Engineering and the Planning Department

They inform us of their recent activities and future plans. We are able to ask direct questions of each department. We are also able to communicate our neighborhood needs and interests. This is direct community involvement that happens on a regular basis. 

I will admit that Greenbriar Neighborhood is somewhat remote and much of the activity involves the city of Richmond proper, but our voice is heard as loudly and clearly as any other neighborhood at these meetings.

If you think that voting once a year is the only time to influence change in your neighborhood, think again. This is a remarkable opportunity for all of us to get involved!

     Will Plutte
     President of Greenbriar Neighborhood Council-2012

Contact: Will Plutte