Neighborhood Watch - July Group Meeting

The neighborhood watch meeting that covers Kipling, Maison Way and Garrison Street, took place on July 10, 2013 at Jonee Grassi’s house on Kipling Drive. It was attended by 38 members from the community. 

Richmond Police Department Representative Michelle Milam and Officer Jesse Ney, offered safety tips and brought us up to date on recent neighborhood issues. They also answered many questions from the group.

R.P.D. rep Michelle Milam

Some of the attendees

R.P.D. rep Michelle handing out a number of security bars

A neighbor addressing the group with sugggestions


The following are the minutes as recorded by our Neighborhood Watch Captain Jonee Grassi.

Minutes to the July 10, 2013 meeting


There were 38 residents attending the meeting; the Richmond Police Dept.(RPD) was represented by Officer Jesse Ney and Michelle Milam.

          Safety Tips

RPD recommends having solid core doors with reinforced metal door frames to discourage break-ins from “door kicks”. Having metal, reinforced strike plates at the base of doors also help.

Large dead bolt locks should be used; locks should also be on windows and sliding glass doors! Michelle presented a metal security bar for locking sliding doors that also prevents thieves from being able to lift the door out of the frame. These security bars cost about $20 and are “MasterLock 265DCCSEN dual-function security bars”. Having a home alarm system is good, but must be used every time you leave to be effective and needs to be properly maintained! The alarm should be audible outside the home.

Motion lighting around your property is a deterrent.

Know your neighbors and encourage everyone to report suspicious activity to the police. If it is a crime in progress or an emergency, call 911. If it is a non-emergency, call 510- 233-1214. 

All residents are encouraged to put that latter number in their cell phones for reporting information. Write down the license plates of cars that don’t appear to belong in the neighborhood and report those to RPD. Officer Ney offered his email address:; Michelle’s email is

Many burglaries are occurring during the daytime and entrance is gained from side or back doors. Locks should be placed on gates. If someone knocks or rings your door bell, it is best to verbally answer that you are there, but do not open the door! Many thieves are just checking to see if anyone is home and will break in if no one answers.

Surveillance cameras can be very helpful to getting photos of intruders or cars used in thefts. RPD recommends getting a camera of sufficient clarity that proper identification can be made. RPD will review specifications of cameras at the request of residents. John Oster has offered to help anyone install a surveillance camera! 

The group will review the possibility of having cameras near the entrance to our neighborhood at Kipling Dr. at Amend and Garrison at Amend. Some neighbors expressed willingness to contribute to the payment of these cameras. Carriage Hills is going to install surveillance cameras through their homeowner’s association to monitor entrances to their neighborhood.

          National Night Out

This year National Night Out is on August 6th. Volunteers are needed to organize the event which has included a BBQ in the street and a chance for all neighbors to come out to socialize with each other. The deadline for applying with RPD to have the police and fire trucks visit is July 22.

End of the minutes.

All photographs by John Oster and post processing by Egmont

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