Neighborhood Alert - Rattlesnakes

Friends and Neighbors,

On Saturday, July 20, 2013, I discovered a small rattlesnake in my backyard. It was about 18 inches long and had four rattles indicating it was about 4 years old. 

It was within a few yards of the house and took me by surprise since this was the first rattlesnake we have seen at our home since we moved in.

Be on the lookout, especially now that the weather is much warmer. If you feel you or your family are in imminent danger, call 911. Or if you feel you want it removed, you can call animal control at: (General Information:) (925) 335-8300 or (510) 374-3966.

          John Oster
          President,  Greenbriar Neighborhood Council

Photograph by John Oster

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