Monthly Greenbriar RNCC report

(Photo: John Oster)

The Richmond Neighborhood Coordinating Council meeting was called to order at 7:00 by Bea Roberson, President of the RNCC. The minutes from the last meeting were read and approved.

Then everyone in the room introduced themselves and a brief report was given by each Neighborhood Council President, afterwards some brief announcements ensued.

Reports from the City of Richmond staff began. They included reports from:

     Public Works Department            Yader Bermudez
     Engineering Services                   Eric Kwan
     City Manager/Comm Coord          Rocelle Monk
     Mayor’s Office                             Marilyn Langlois
     Police Department                      Chief Chris Magnus
     Code Enforcement                      Tim Higares
     Environmental Manager              Lynne Scarpa
     Planning Department                  Senior Planner

(Photo: John Oster)

At 8:30 we took a break and enjoyed the wonderful food provided by the joint efforts between Greenbriar and Pt. Richmond Neighborhood Councils.

More presentations ensued. The Richmond Rockets pro basketball team gave a presentation and encouraged everyone to come out to their next game on Friday, February 17, at Richmond Memorial Auditorium.

Further presentations ensued. The I-80 project to defer traffic to local streets was discussed. Afterwards we adjourned.

Report by: John Oster, Greenbriar Neighborhood Council President

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