Monthly Greenbriar RNCC report

(Photo: John Oster)

The Richmond Neighborhood Coordinating Council meeting was called to order at 7:00 by Bea Roberson, President of the RNCC. The minutes from the last meeting were read and approved.

Then everyone in the room introduced themselves and a brief report was given by each Neighborhood Council President, afterwards some brief announcements ensued.

Reports from the City of Richmond staff began. They included reports from:

     Public Works Department            Yader Bermudez
     Engineering Services                   Eric Kwan
     City Manager/Comm Coord          Rocelle Monk
     Mayor’s Office                             Marilyn Langlois
     Police Department                      Chief Chris Magnus
     Code Enforcement                      Tim Higares
     Environmental Manager              Lynne Scarpa
     Planning Department                  Senior Planner

(Photo: John Oster)

At 8:30 we took a break and enjoyed the wonderful food provided by the joint efforts between Greenbriar and Pt. Richmond Neighborhood Councils.

More presentations ensued. The Richmond Rockets pro basketball team gave a presentation and encouraged everyone to come out to their next game on Friday, February 17, at Richmond Memorial Auditorium.

Further presentations ensued. The I-80 project to defer traffic to local streets was discussed. Afterwards we adjourned.

Report by: John Oster, Greenbriar Neighborhood Council President

Crime Watch Alert

There has been a significant increase in auto thefts and burglaries in the Richmond area. We are therefore asking for you to be more vigilant in the coming weeks and months, especially since this type of crime moves from one neighborhood zone to another.

We will keep you posted of any significant changes, so please keep checking regularly this website. Remember if you see any suspicious behavior or activity, please report it by calling (510) 233-1214.